September 2022
  • Accor

Digital Innovation

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Accor chooses D-EDGE for a new generation CRS at its hotels worldwide

D-EDGE Hospitality Solutions, a leading provider of hotel technology in more than 150 countries, announces that it has been selected by Accor, one of the world’s leading hotel groups, to provide the central reservation system (CRS) for its 5,300 hotels worldwide.

With this selection, Accor ensures that its hotels will benefit from a much richer platform - the next-generation D-EDGE CRS - capable of meeting the new challenges of the hotel industry. Comprehensive, yet easy to use, D-EDGE’s central reservation system allows for quick onboarding and adoption, direct connectivity to the entire hotel technology ecosystem - PMS, RMS, Distribution Channels, and any new upcoming players of interest to the hotel industry - and is cloud-based to ensure maximum agility.

D-EDGE’s open CRS is the only one of its kind to provide direct connectivity to over 550 third-party solutions and distributors worldwide. With its open API and connectivity expertise, D-EDGE will enable Accor to capitalize on all opportunities to optimize its distribution and provide its hotels with the most appropriate distribution solutions and channels for their region, brand or service category.

D-EDGE will continue to invest significantly in R&D both in the platform technology and to strengthen its teams of developers and ergonomists to produce an easy-to-use and user-oriented platform. These developments serve a single purpose: to provide hoteliers with the means to deliver the best possible experience to their guests.

Floor Bleeker, Group Chief Technology Officer Accor, explains: “Among the major hotel chains, Accor is one of the most innovative, the first, for example, to have decided to adopt a multi-PMS strategy. As the ecosystem and distribution channels evolve, we want to provide our hotels with a sustainable, scalable and intuitive platform. We are convinced that the D-EDGE CRS, on which Accor is investing significantly, is the best choice to support their development and give them the agility to adapt to constantly changing environments.”

“The goal is that, in the near future, Accor hotels will gradually and seamlessly switch from TARS to D-EDGE CRS. The exceptional connectivity provided by D-EDGE, superior to any other system, will enable all Accor hotels to maximize their distribution. Another key benefit is the ease of use of the platform and the fact that it is user-centric. This is especially important as our industry is currently facing a severe staffing shortage, and quick and easy product uptake is essential to ensure good hotel performance”, adds Patrick Mendes, Accor Group Chief Commercial Officer.

D-EDGE, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Accor, will now operate the TARS platform and will progressively roll out its new generation of CRS to Accor hotels worldwide, ensuring that they can optimize their distribution.

This agreement expands D-EDGE’s client base from 12,000 to 17,000 hotels worldwide, and strengthens its continued growth in the global hotel industry and its ability to serve the largest chains.

Pierre-Charles Grob, CEO of D-EDGE, concludes: “We are very pleased to collaborate with Accor in the transformation of the hotel technology landscape. Since the transfer of the TARS platform to D-EDGE, our teams have been working on the functional upgrade of our platform in order to quickly deliver our new generation CRS. This project is therefore good news for all our customers because, in order to serve Accor, we are enriching our platform with numerous functionalities that will also benefit our customers. It’s a boost to our roadmap and this will benefit the entire hotel community.”