July 2015
  • Accor

AccorHotels new identity

Accor, the world's leading hotel operator, becomes AccorHotels and adopts a new signature.


A new name
With its new name, AccorHotels, the Group proudly upholds its hospitality business. It aims at increasing the clout and visibility of AccorHotels, which is both an institutional and a commercial brand, by connecting it to its digital platform It also intends to place the brand at the center of its ecosystem of hotel brands.
In order for the Group brand and the hotel brands to cement their reciprocal bonds, AccorHotels will endorse all the brands’ communications and provide them with the credibility, assurance and expertise of an international leader. Likewise, the brand portfolio will always feature in AccorHotels’ communications to boost the appeal of both the Group and its digital platform.
A new signature: Feel Welcome
The Group also has a new simple, striking and universal signature that emphasizes on its desire to federate: Feel Welcome. 
Feel Welcome encapsulates the generosity and the very essence of hospitality. It is a promise addressed to all our audiences: customers, employees and partners, so that they feel expected, unique and privileged.

A new brand territory
To reflect the Group’s ambition, the new identity features a more statutory logo containing deep blue typography. This new logo continues to showcase the Group’s symbol, the single, emblematic honey-colored bernache goose. This migratory bird is the brand and mobile app icon. It symbolizes group spirit, determination and travel.
The new brand platform is also upheld by a Group’s manifesto which includes a semantic charter so that the brand’s personality can be reflected in every public address. The new visuals reflecting the spirit of service in the Group’s hotels and an original brand’s musical identity come to supplement this new brand platform. 

This new identity is already visible on the Group’s space in the Village at Roland Garros, of which AccorHotels is an official partner. 
Sébastien Bazin, AccorHotels Chairman and CEO, declared “Today, our Group changes and loudly and clearly proclaims its desire to go further, faster. Accor becomes AccorHotels and proudly re-assumes its role as a pioneer hotelier that never stops innovating and surprising, at the cutting edge of digital technology, but while remaining a hotelier, first and foremost. The Feel Welcome promise is a strong commitment to all our audiences and enriches the bond between the Group and its brands.”