September 2022
  • Accor

Fondation de la Mer and sustainable transformation with employees

Amundi and Accor join forces with the Fondation de la Mer to support the oceans

Amundi, a sustainable investment company, and Accor, a global leader in hotels, announced today their reinforced commitment to the protection of the oceans with the adoption of the Ocean Framework, developed by Fondation de la Mer to help companies and investors measure the impact of their activities on marine life. Accor is the first company to adopt this framework, defined with the help of Amundi, as part of a dedicated ocean strategy and reporting.

In line with their environmental commitments, Amundi and Accor have initiated a close cooperation with the Fondation de la Mer, which has developed an analytical framework to help companies measure and correct their impacts on the seabed in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal number 14 (aquatic life). This goal aims at the preservation of the seas and oceans and the responsible use of marine resources.

In the future, Amundi aims to double the number of companies it engages on the topic of oceans, in order to encourage them to reduce their negative impacts using specific performance indicators. Amundi also aims to allocate more capital to the protection of the oceans.

Strongly committed to sustainable value creation, Accor has announced the adoption of a dedicated ocean strategy and reporting policy based on the Ocean Framework, under the international “Ocean approved” label. The Group has eliminated six endangered or locally threatened fish species from its menus and ensures that the fish products used, both wild and farmed, come from sustainable fisheries wherever possible.

Accor has also set ambitious sustainable development objectives aimed at preserving biodiversity in the broadest sense. It has committed to eliminating single-use plastic from the guest experience in its hotels by the end of 2022, in order to reduce its carbon footprint and in the hope of no longer contributing to the 14 million tons of plastic that are dumped into the oceans each year.

Accor embarks its employees on a sustainable transformation

In-house social and sustainable initiatives that mark a new dynamic within the Group

As a leader in positive hospitality and a long-time advocate of sustainable development, Accor has placed Social and Environmental Responsibility at the heart of its global strategy. The Group engages its talents in its contributory approach and promotes sustainable and social initiatives.

Sustainable development as a common goal

To achieve this transformation, Accor is pursuing its ambitions and making non-financial performance one of its priorities. The Group has set up an ambitious training program for its employees to raise their awareness of sustainable development issues. To this end, top management bonuses are now closely linked to sustainable development performance. With the launch of the School For Change, the Group’s employees have access to a platform of content and a training course dedicated to the fundamentals of climate change. The objective is to better understand the causes and consequences of climate change on biodiversity and populations, and to encourage the sharing of solutions to take action at the local level. This training, which lasts more than three hours, is included in the annual objectives and bonuses of all corporate employees. By the end of 2022, 90% of employees will have received training.

The Group’s employees are all invested in this desire to act and are united around a common objective. Those who wish to do so can join the SEED (Saving the Environment Everyday) employee Group. Launched at the initiative of committed employees, the Group’s talents from all walks of life share their best practices, inform themselves, challenge each other and inspire each other to take concrete action at work and in their daily lives.

Brune Poirson, Accor’s Director of Sustainable Development, said: “Our Group intends to put environmental protection at the heart of its business model. To ensure that this transformation is a success, Accor is launching an unprecedented and massive training program on environmental issues for all its employees worldwide. This science-based training program will enable all employees to acquire a solid base of scientific knowledge and to share a common diagnosis of the actions to be taken to protect the environment. We are proud to launch this essential step in our transformation towards more sustainable hospitality.”

Virtuous initiatives for employee well-being

In response to today’s social and environmental challenges, Accor also encourages the use of more environmentally friendly means of transportation and offers MOOV, a company bicycle service for its head office employees. As part of the sustainable mobility package, employees can choose a classic, folding or electric bicycle from among the more than 300 models on offer, for which Accor co-finances most of the monthly rent, insurance and maintenance. In partnership with Zenride, this recognized and distinguished initiative has beneficial effects on the health of employees and the planet: for 30 minutes of daily cycling that keeps the body active, a user saves 1.9 kg of CO2 equivalent by car*.

Steven Daines, Accor General Manager Talent & Culture, announces, “The well-being of our Heartists is our priority and we want to provide them with the best possible experience. That’s why we are always offering more sustainable alternatives, in line with current issues, our global vision and the demands of our employees. This initiative once again demonstrates Accor’s commitment to employees and the Group’s human, social and environmental values.”

* Ademe : Agence de l’environnement et de la maîtrise de l’énergie.